Items named after Liszt

The name of Ferenc / Franz Liszt in Europe and Hungary

I. Institutions, public areas,
works of art named after Ferenc Liszt in Europe
Bayreuth /D/ -  museum, street and music contest
Eisenstadt /A/ - statue
Jena /D/ - street
Genf /Ch/ - square
Lisboâ /P/ - square
Matzenheim /F/ - square
Paris /F/ - square
Raiding /A/ - museum, street, festival
Utrecht /Nl/ - music contest
Waldkraiburg /D/ - street
Weimar /D/ - museum, street, college, music contest
Wien /A/ - college
Willich-Neersen /D/ - street
Wroclaw /Pl/ - series of festivals

Liszt Piano Festivals are held in Los Angeles and quite naturally the Liszt Societies of various countries have also been named after Ferenc Liszt.

Based on Internet research  the Euro City International Express Train, a planetoid 3910 Liszt and a crater on the Planet Mercury  are also bearing Ferenc Liszt's name.

II. Institutions, Public areas,
works of art named after Ferenc Liszt in Hungary
Budapest - Museum, Exhibition,  Square, Road, 4 streets, 5 statues, 2 plaques, elementary school, university, music contest, Ferenc Liszt Society
Esztergom - street, statue, plaque, festival
Gödöllő - street, festival
Győr - street, elementary school
Hőgyész - Conference room of the Apponyi Mansion (Hotel), plaque
Kalocsa - street, elementary school
Kőszeg - street
Pécs - street, statue, plaque, elementary school, FL Society, university, music contest
Sopron - exhibition, street, statue, plaque, FL Society, festival
Szekszárd - exhibition, square, street, 3 statues, 6 plaques, Teachers' Choir, FL Society, elementary school, music contest for piano teachers
Tetétlen - street (NB. Cities of Liszt's Route from No. 1 to No. 11.)
Baja - elementary school
Berettyóújfalu - plaque
Debrecen - square, street
Kaposvár - elementary school
Mecseknádasd - statue
Szeged - Ferenc Liszt Society

At 150 towns of Hungary there are 3 squares, 51 roads and approx. 100 streets named after Ferenc Liszt i.e. 4% of settlements have felt to keep his memory at public institutions and areas.

Three International Piano Contests bear his name, there is a Ferenc Liszt Chamber Music Orchestra, a Teachers' Choir, a Ferenc Liszt Prize for musicians as an official recognition by the State. The International Ferenc Liszt cycling tour is held annually on the last Sunday of August between Harka and Neckenmarkt.

The Gabriel Manufactory of Dombóvár is producing chocolate bonbon specialities called Magyar Rapszódia (Hungarian Rhapsody) to the memory of Liszt which has been awarded the Hungarian Grand Prix of Hungarian Produces and is regarded as a "Hungaricum" (Typical and protected Hungarian produce).

Liszt Wines are being offered in  the towns of Szekszárd and Kőszeg.

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The name of Ferenc / Franz Liszt in Europe and Hungary I. Institutions, public areas, works of art named after Ferenc Liszt in Europe Bayreuth /D/ -  museum, street and music...
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