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Liszt Route ® - European Cultural Route from Hungary
Patron: Prince Antal Esterházy

For many years people around the world who understand and love music have been  preparing for the celebrations related to the 200th birthday of Ferenc Liszt. We feel that these celebrations - as an unprecedented opportunity for us - should be extended to all citizens of Europe apart from the - unfortunatley - ever decreasing number of music fans and connoisseurs, therefore we have created a new European Cultural Route: Liszt Route.

A star was born in Doborján, Hungary (today Raiding, Austria), at the Prince Esterházy domain, a prodigy called Ferenc Liszt, becoming a shining comet of his time, a genuine celebrity of the 19th century with an unique ouvre of a cosmopolitan nature for Hungary and Europe.

Virtuoso performer, an idol of the music-loving audience, a heartthrob for the ladies of Europe, a real man of loyalty though not lacking some flings. Always ready to give a helping hand to young talents - mainly to Richard Wagner,- as a compassionate man, a true friend  of European artists of his time. Searching for consolation, purification and peace of mind from religion in Rome  while through his zest of life he created wonderful piano, organ and concerto grosso and symphonic compositions researching the foundations of ancient Hungarian music on which he based and founded the new world of music of his age , a genius who travelled by stagecoach, as the Ambassador of Hungarian Culture. He is regarded as too French for the Germans, too German for the French, a Hungarian for the Austrians, too secular for the Church… Yes, that was all him, one of the greatest innovators of the music history of mankind who entered the sphere of immortality in Bayreuth, July 31st, 1886.

Two centuries have passed since his birth and the world has still not realized the importance of Ferenc Liszt's life achievement and its value incorporated in its progressive world of sounds and effect on European music.

The forthcoming anniversary is offering a great opportunity of changing the present picture through  organizing the Liszt Route and hope that those cities that played a major part in Liszt's life could join us with impressive, perhaps interchangeable programmes.

Liszt's Route is a typical civil initiative offering 200 cities of 24 countries (q.v. back page) a sustainable long term cultural, tourism and economic co-operation. The emphasis is on co-operation, mutual benefits through The Route for the artists and events giving a realistic, individual and genuine basis for tourism marketing.

Dear Visitor!
Discover Liszt! We would like to pass on all possible Ferenc Liszt related information to you through the pages of the Liszt Route website. If you cannot find you are looking for, it may be available on the weblinks of our partners. Once you have got everything in this virtual world you may explore all that beauty in the real world that must have been experienced by Liszt himself: select from the offers of travel agents that are  "tuned" to Liszt or follow the routes suggested by ourselves using accomodation recommended and tasting one of Liszt's favourite dishes somewhere in Europe - or in Hungary, at a small restaurant of unique atmosphere . After a fine piano concert it is appropriate to sample the wines of Szekszárd or Kőszeg at their wine cellars so much appreciated by Liszt.

Alternatively, you may  mingle with young people at Ferenc Liszt Square in Budapest with its buzzing restaurants on a romantic summer evening - an unforgettable experience.

One fact is guaranteed: we are recommending
only those places that we have checked  ourselves.
Once you have been through the Liszt Route you
will be able to win some valuable items!

Get tuned to Liszt  - make a move now,
the Liszt Route is awaiting you…

(Maria Németh-Kemenes, initiater of the Liszt Route)